Le secteur de l'énergie fait face à des transformations profondes, tant économiques, environnementales que technologiques. Pour répondre aux nombreux défis que la transition énergétique et la digitalisation de notre secteur représentent au niveau IT, le département Digital Business Solutions (DBS) de Sibelga souhaite renforcer ses équipes.

Cybersecurity is not just a question of products !Atos invested a lot in the last months in cybersecurity and is recognized by Gartner as the European leader in Managed Security Services (MSS) in terms of revenue.

Interested in learning about the Micro Enterprise structure, based on research by McKinsey, that focuses on multiple small and agile teams within a company that can respond quickly to any demand? Do you want to know more about digitally transforming your company to be ready for the future? Or are you interested in optimizing your cloud journey, guiding yourself through cloud complexity? Maybe you would like to focus on optimizing your cyber security instead through a completely different approach than you are used to?