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Zero Data Loss Services (ZDLS)

In the past, ultimate data protection was a costly issue, if not an impossible one. Enterprise solutions like MetroCluster are only accessible to large enterprises or multinationals because of their high cost. That's a pity, because the demand for this type of application grows every day...

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Agile Software Development

10 recommendations after 10 years of successful software development
This white paper contains 10 practical recommendations on how to realize the benefits of agile software development. Respect deadlines and stay within budgets while launching new applications faster.The biggest advantages of agele development, reported by companies: dealing with changing priorities, better business and IT alignment, increased productivity, higher software quality, team spirit and speed-to-market. At Cegeka's 500-strong Software Factory, we have acquired a lot of experience over the past 10 years. Now, we have distilled our experience into our own best practices. We believe it is time to share our learnings with company directors who value a pragmatic approach as much as we do.

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Lightning-fast sites with Varnish

During the development phase, the site is really fast, but once it enters the production phase and is open to the public, it stops working correctly. This is the sad reality that we as a hoster have to face every day.

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How to successfully implement a secure mobile strategy?

Security is as strong as the weakest link

In order to adapt to the fast paced virtualization and mobilization trend, organizations worldwide will have to make their applications, data and corporate information accessible from any portable device for customers, suppliers and employees. Protecting access to online applications such as m-commerce or m-banking services or access to corporate networks might be a good solution. However, any security system is only as effective as its weakest link.

Consumers and employees often use the same passwords for a multitude of professional and personal applications. By reusing the same password over and over again, they put every application containing confidential information – although unwillingly and perhaps unknowingly – at risk. Furthermore, mobile devices are often not password-enabled and lack the ability to authenticate users and control access to data stored on the devices. Learn how authentication tools safeguard user login and ensure that only authorized users gain access to your mobile applications. Discover how other business owners secure user access on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and netbooks.

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Intuitive Display of Complex Data on iOS

This is a case study of the design process for an iOS application. The software in question accepts a high-bandwidth, real-time stream of multidimensional data from a hardware accessory, and must present this data to the user in a form that can be easily understood and manipulated. This paper will examine the decisions made during the design process and the tradeoffs considered, and extract some lessons about how to solve this type of problem within the constraints of a mobile device.

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Simple Methods for ASPs to Improve Consumer Account Security

Benefits and Economics of Strong Two-factor Authentication Platforms Most people have more than 25 online accounts for shopping, storage, subscriptions, banking, gaming and social media. Typically, the websites ask users to create and manage static passwords as part of the login process. Recent high profile security breaches at major online websites tell us static passwords are not the answer. Even recent SMS security additions to consumer websites do little to address the issue. Fortunately, more secure and easy to deploy cloud-based two-factor authentication solutions are available. Assuring customers that your website is a secure place to spend time, effort and money is the key benefit of implementing a two-factor authentication (2FA) solution.

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Channel Management in the Era of Social Technology

Indirect sales account for more than 70% of global business. It was ons thought that the internet world would drive intermediaries out of business as direct distance-selling with low transactional costs rendered indirect channels obsolete. For some commodity sales where the company's brand was strong, this did come to pass. But otherwise, the internet and ecommerce provided a low cost route to market for the very intermediaries that we once thought would put out of business by it. In fact...

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Assuring Quality in Agile

Agile testing is a philosophical concept that emphasizes communication, flexibility and collaboration, over process. The emphasis is on external factors like the customer and the finished product. Agile development recognizes that testing is not a separate phase, but an integral part of software development, along with coding. Agile teams use a "whole-team" approach to "baking quality in" to the software product.

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Testing In Production

Software services such as Gmail, Facebook, and Bing have become an everyday part of the lives of millions of users. They are all considered software services because:
 Users do not (or do not have to) install desktop applications to use them
 The software provider controls when upgrades are deployed and features are exposed to users
 The provider also has visibility into the data center running the service, granting access to system data, diagnostics, and even user data subject to privacy policies.

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Windows 8 - 10 design tips for a first-class application

It’s gone, the familiar Windows desktop. Your journey ‘where you want to go today’ will start from now on with a touch-centric tiled start screen that relegates the desktop we were familiar with for decades to a secondary role.

The overwhelming success of tablets and their increasing importance in our daily lives played a crucial role in the development of Windows 8. However, Windows 8 is not a polished up carbon copy of its competitors. Compared to Google or Apple, Microsoft approaches user interface and user experience design in a fundamentally different way. The Redmond-based company has shaken off its tradition of minor incremental changes to its user interface in favor of a completely new design language that merges desktop and tablet experience into one.

Windows 8 is one operating system (OS) that runs on desktops and tablets, touch and non-touch devices facilitating users to switch between their Windows 8 devices without being disrupted in their experience or activities. Windows 8 aims at delivering a unified user experience across platforms and devices.

But what does this paradigm shift mean for designing new applications for Windows 8? We’ll give you 10 tips to get you started.

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